Fri, 18 June | Balance for Life Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Blast Away Your Foggy Mind - 1 spot remaining

Need help to stay focused – learn to feed, restore, calm and train your brain.
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Blast Away Your Foggy Mind - 1 spot remaining

Time & Location

18 June, 2:00 pm ACST – 20 June, 2:30 pm ACST
Balance for Life Yoga & Wellness Retreat, 392 Mermaid Circuit, Dundee Beach NT 0840, Australia

About The Event

On this unique retreat you will cover the following:

  • Brain basics and what causes brain drain afa brain fog
  • Balance your brain to banish brain drain
  • Feed and nourish your brain
  • Restore and calm your brain with breathwork & meditation
  • Brain supplements - do they work?
  • Wake up your brain with gentle yoga practice - suitable for all levels
  • Superbrain yoga (it's easy) to stimulate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain

Congratulations on taking the first step towards bending your brain into brilliance. Over the weekend, we will teach you the principles of what we like to call Brain Yoga.

We are very excited to share our knowledge of all the beautiful methods of enhancing your cognitive function. Each of the lessons are comprised of the following sections:

1. Handcrafted tea, tonic or smoothie recipe created with brain supporting herbs

2. Brain self-challenge - no comparisons as this is your own journey

3. Set of mindfulness exercises

4. Pranayama/breathing techniques

Upon completion, you will have learned how your brain works, yogic breathing techniques, as well as useful information about how gratitude, mantras, mudras, ritual, chakra cleansing and meditation all have the power to unlock your brain's highest potential.

Imagine your days without the following incidents.

  • Forgetting where you parked the car.
  • Waking up feeling exhausted.
  • Forgetting what you were looking for when you walk into a room.
  • Having to drink a bottle of wine to go to sleep.
  • Unable to express yourself with a word that slips your mind.
  • Being frustrated with colleagues, friends and/or family.

We are confident that by making a few adjustments in your daily routine you will wake-up feeling rejuvenated, experience enhanced mental clarity and move through your days with a renewed sense of calmness. So, what is it you are waiting for, register for this event before you forget :-)



2:00pm  Arrival

2:30pm  Welcome Drink and Opening Circle

3:30pm  What Causes Brain Drain, incl Breathing & Meditation techniques to enhance your brain power

4:30pm  Free Time

5:15pm  Sunset Beach Walk & Meditation

7:30pm  Dinner

8:30pm  'Get Inside your Head' - Parts of the Brain incl Breathwork & Mindfulness Exercises


6:30    Optional Sunrise Yoga & Breathwork

8:00    Breakfast & Tea Ceremony

9:00    Balance your Brain to Banish Brain Drain 

10:00  Free Time and/or Massage

11:30   Brain Booster Foods 

13:00   Lunch /Cooking Class

13:30   Free Time and/or Massage

17:30   Sunset Superbrain Yoga 

19:30   Dinner

20:30   Restore your Brain - The Importance of a Good Night's Sleep


7:00am   Train  your Brain

8:30am   Breakfast & Coffee Ceremony

9:15am    Free Time and/or Massage

11:00am Calm and Bathe your Brain with Sound Healing

12 Noon  Brain Supplements

1:00pm   Lunch

2:00pm   Closing Circle

2:30pm    Departure

Itinerary and times are subject to change.

Your Balance for Life experience includes: 2 nights accommodation and all delicious & healthy meals.

Our Food for your Soul meals on this retreat are sattvic - meaning it brings peace and enhances the wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit. Your meals will be colourful, beautiful in flavour with aesthetic appeal and plentiful. We believe food should be sustainable, pure and real - supporting and nourishing your body and mind to cleanse and heal.

We will make every effort to accommodate food allergies (i.e. gluten, vegetarian etc), however we will do the best can to cater for your needs.

For safety reasons we are unable to accept guests who have a fatal allergy to any foods. We are not equipped to serve separate meals and as the closest hospital is 2 hours away we prefer not to put anyone at risk.


What to Pack

Keep it simple. The pillows are quite high and firm, so you may wish to pack your own ‘special’ pillow.

Additional Snacks

Balance for Life will always make ‘healthy snacks’ however please feel free to pack some of your own ‘special’ snacks.


Bring 2-4 sets of workout gear (shorts and sports tops) as a minimum and 2 pairs of shoes (1 old pair, just in case one pair gets wet).

Balance for Life sessions Comfortable stretch pants and fitted t’s. Please bring your own yoga mat. Balance for Life can supply a mat if you do not have your own. Additional props will be provided.


Lightweight casual clothes for the tropics including wet weather (poncho).  Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella and/or poncho (raincoat), insect repellent, hand sanitiser, refillable water bottle – it’s the tropics.

The temperature during the dry season is generally lower than Darwin and considering we are right on the beachfront you may wish to pack some warmer clothes.

There will be free time allocated each day so you may wish to bring a book.

Staying in touch

Telstra is the only carrier that provides mobile reception in Dundee.


Ensure you have 1 lockable bag for your valuables.

How to get to Dundee

As you will be in and out of mobile reception traveling to Dundee, please ensure you select the URL below and download and save the directions to Dundee

Be prepared to challenge yourself and have a lot of fun.

Most importantly pack an open mind and a belly full of laughs! You are about to have a very unique experience.

Healthy Regards

Carole x

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  • Single Room
  • Twin Share - Guest 1
  • Twin Share - Guest 2
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