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Time is TBD


Balance for Life Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Off-the-Grid Retreat

Now here's the biggest challenge - can you really go without your phone, pc, ipad etc etc for an entire weekend? How nice would it be to have accommodation on the beach front, all healthy meals prepared for you, have the gentle sea-breeze swing you in a hammock and just reconnect with nature.

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Off-the-Grid Retreat
Off-the-Grid Retreat

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Balance for Life Yoga & Wellness Retreat, 392 Mermaid Circuit, Dundee Beach NT 0840, Australia

About The Event


06:30  Sunrise Beach Walk

08:00  Breakfast

09:00  Free time 

10:30  Optional Restorative Yoga Class

13:00  Lunch

14:30  Breathwork & Meditation Class 

15:00  Free time / Massage

18:00  Nature Walk

19:30  Dinner

20:30  Sound Healing Journey


Itinerary and times are subject to change.

Guest Skill Level

As you will purely be 'simply chillin' all weekend, there is definitely no skill level required, except for getting in and out of your hammock.

More Information about YOUR Retreat

Here’s a question: how many hours today have you been more than a metre away from your mobile phone?

For most people, the answer will be a few hours or less. For others, it may even be no time at all. In today’s technology-driven world, the smartphone has almost become an extension of the human hand. An accessory so essential that you feel naked without it. It’s often the last thing we look at before going to sleep, and the first thing we look at when we wake up. Research from Deloitte’s annual Mobile Consumer Survey report shows that 44 per cent of people in Australia think their phone use is a problem and are trying to reduce how much time they spend on it.

And, when you’re not looking at your phone, there’s a strong chance you’re looking at a computer or watching TV – home entertainment streaming services like Netflix have such a large range that, let’s be honest, one episode is rarely enough. Then there's your work life. So many jobs today involve staring at a computer screen for large portions of the day. When you take a step back and look at your daily lifestyle, it can feel like there’s no escaping the screen. But the benefits of cutting back are well worth the effort.

You don’t have to completely cut yourself off from the world like Tom Hanks in Castaway. However, doing a digital detox every now and then will have some great benefits on your wellbeing. Here are five key ones:

  • A more content and calmer you. There have been thousands of social experiments where people have taken a break from technology and the participants are almost always surprised to find themselves less stressed because of it. When you’re on your phone or absorbed in your emails, you’re not living in the present. It’s only when you open your eyes to the here and now that you realise how easy it is to miss out on the good things around you.

  • You’ll be more productive. Let’s be honest – a lot of the time you’re checking your social media channels and scrolling through your friend’s travel pics, rather than responding to messages or connecting with others. Taking a break from technology will show just how much time you waste on it!

  • Healthier relationships. If you’re stuck in cyber world too long, your social connections in real life can take a back seat. Take this – 43 per cent of people in Australia who are in a relationship believe their partner uses their phone too much and 70 per cent admit to using their phone during mealtimes with family or friends. We all know that person who doesn’t get off their phone at dinner. Don’t be that person!

  • Your physical health will improve. If your eyes are glued to the screen, you’re probably sitting or lying down. A growing obesity problem in Australia is partly because of a lifestyle tied to the couch staring at a screen. It’s not only terrible for your lower back and neck, it’s also bad on your waist line. Unplug, go outside and get the blood moving. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel.

  • Improved sleep. When your body knows it’s time to sleep, your brain releases a chemical called melatonin, which helps the body relax and prepare for some shut-eye. Science has shown that when you look at a screen before bedtime, your brain is tricked into thinking it must remain alert and awake, preventing melatonin from being released. So, if you’re one of the 46 per cent of people in Australia who use their phone immediately before going to bed, now you know why you might be tossing and turning in bed wondering why you can’t get to sleep.

Technology is incredible and the benefits are huge in so many aspects of everyday life. However, being able to unplug and have some time away from the screen will leave you re-energised and more in touch with the world around you. Here’s a quote to inspire you from author Anne Lammott: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

Your Balance for Life experience includes: 2 nights accommodation and all delicious & healthy meals, snacks and guided nature walks.

You will have plenty of time to sit back, relax, unwind, read or just ponder beyond a few inches from your face.


Our Food for your Soul meals on this retreat are sattvic - meaning it brings peace and enhances the wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit. Your meals will be colourful, beautiful in flavour with aesthetic appeal and plentiful. We believe food should be sustainable, pure and real - supporting and nourishing your body and mind to cleanse and heal.

We will make every effort to accommodate food allergies (i.e. gluten, vegetarian etc), however we will do the best we can to cater for your needs.

For safety reasons we are unable to accept guests who have a fatal allergy to any foods. We are not equipped to serve separate meals and as the closest hospital is 2 hours away we prefer not to put anyone at risk.

What is my wellbeing investment:

$657 twin share or

$947 single room


What to Pack

  • You may wish to bring your own ‘special’ pillow
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Raincoat (wet season)
  • Insect repellent
  • Water bottle
  • Additional Drinks
  • Warmer clothes (dry season)

Interstate or International Guests:

The closest airport is Darwin, Northern Territory.  


Balance for Life will always make ‘healthy snacks’ however please feel free to pack some of your own ‘special’ snacks and beverages.

Free time is allocated each day so you may wish to bring a book or craft.

Staying in touch

Telstra is the only mobile reception in Dundee.


Ensure you have 1 lockable bag for your valuables.


"Be prepared to challenge yourself, have a lot of fun and most importantly pack an open mind and a belly full of laughs! You are about to have a very unique Territory experience".

Healthy regards

Carole x


  • Massage Treatment

    Benefits of Massage: - Eases muscle pain - Improves circulation - Better quality sleep - Helps reduce anxiety and depression - Reduces stress levels

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  • Twin Share

    Your Balance for Life experience includes: - 2 nights accommodation - 6 delicious & healthy meals. Accommodation: 2 king single beds. The following are not included in your package: - Dundee transfers – if required please contact Balance for Life - Bottled drinks such as soft drinks Participant must read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions.

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  • Single Room

    Your Balance for Life experience includes: - 2 nights accommodation - 6 delicious & healthy meals. Accommodation: 1 queen bed or 2 king single beds. The following are not included in your package: - Dundee transfers – if required please contact Balance for Life - Bottled drinks such as soft drinks Participant must read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions.

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  • Book Now - Pay in Instalments

    Great option if you wish to pay the retreat off over the coming months/weeks. So we are able to hold a spot for you, a deposit of $100 is payable at the time of booking. Balance for Life will forward you a tax invoice upon booking for the full amount and will await to receive your proposed payment plan. Please note: the amount on the tax invoice will be dependent upon whether you book a twin share or a single room.

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