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Meditation and Breathwork Classes

Every Wednesday, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

About your host:

Hi, my name is Carole van Dijk and I have been involved in meditation, mindfulness and breathwork for many years.  I studied with a Swami who awarded me with a deep understanding and importance of mind/body connection through gentle guided practices.

I have been running Meditation and Breathwork courses through my local council and various gyms and privately and because of our current world pandemic I have teamed up with our Local Council and I am able to offer subsidised online Meditation & Breathwork classes. 

What I will do:

In our 1 hour online class either via Zoom, or in-person initially I will provide you with a brief history of mediation, the wonderful benefits and teach you how to meditate starting from the absolute basics.  Each week you will be introduced to different breathwork and meditation techniques of which at least one will resonate with you to help motivate you to continue with your practice. It's all well and good to try to meditation, but it is a skill that is empowered if you are taught how to meditate.  Just come with an open and receptive mind and you will leave completely restored and re-energised.

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