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Sister Circle Testimonials

“As difficult as I find it to speak at times, I found the sister circles experience a safe space to share without judgment.”  Kelley


“Carole was rare and wholesome prior, during and after the sister circle - I am so in to attend more sister circles with Carole.  She made me feel safe and comfortable, Carole is an amazing soul, healer, practitioner.  Thank you so much, I hope that the healing provided by you comes back to you ten-fold'.  I will be back - thank you Carole”  Jennifer


“Carole is a warm and caring person and experiencing the sister circle with her as facilitator was truly a wonderful experience.”  Kerry


“I cannot fault the way Carole managed the circle.  Carole was very professional and made us all feel very safe. We fully understood the process which she explained to us clearly before the session. It was a very very powerful session and each of us felt very safe about opening up with our personal issues. I would not hesitate doing another sister circle with Carole if the opportunity arose.”  Wendy

"Hi Carole, just like to say I'm so happy I joined the sister circle - they are very powerful nights of bonding and sharing.  Such a diverse group of lovely women with the common thread of just trying to get through life with happiness and contact with other like-minded women.

I definitely come out each night a lot calmer and present and sitting with myself, is always reassuring to know that your life is really not so much different than others so you can stop focusing on your issues and accept the ups and downs as normal.  Thank you for guiding us through."  Trish

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